• Get updates of Jira new issues
  • Get notification of Gmail emails with keywords
  • Get file added notifications from DropBox
  • Get approval requests from Slack
  • Get each sale and running total from Stripe
  • Get lead notifications from Facebook Lead Ads
  • Get invoice updates from Quickbooks Online
  • Get Hot New Product updates from Product Hunt
  • Get survey responses from Survey Monkey
  • Get alerts from Pingdom
  • And many more…

Connect 500+ apps with StatX via Zapier!


Zapier makes it easy to connect to apps and pull data. StatX makes it easy to view data on mobile, get push notifications when anything changes, and share with anyone.


Connect via Zapier


Quick-start steps for your first StatX zap:


  1. Complete the configuration steps and pick a Trigger App and Trigger: For example, select GMail app and set up “New Starred Email” Trigger
  2. Choose StatX as your Action App and select Action: For example, select “Create/Update Check-off Stat” Action
  3. Your Zap is done. Now when you star a new email in GMail, a Check-off Stat created. Share with your team and any incoming email that is starred becomes a Team action item stat.


Coming soon: Pre-configured zaps to link your favorite apps with StatX!


Create your own zaps and connect with 500+ apps via Zapier

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