The Problem with Telegram for Crypto and Blockchain Community Management

Love it or hate it, Telegram is the most widely used messaging and information sharing platform for ICO/Token company communities. Having said that, most users and community admins hate it. The issue can be summarized in the refrain: Telegram has become “help desk hell.” There are a couple major reasons for this and a new solution.

Two Root Causes of Help Desk Hell

First, serious investors and followers are less interested in chatting with each other and more interested in joining your group to get timely information. As a result, Telegram community managers use the platform as a help desk to disseminate information and answer legitimate questions. Telegram is a terrific group-chat platform but it’s not the most efficient way to share answers to frequently asked questions about continuously fluctuating financial data. Nor is it a good tool for alerting followers to important changes in the status of company initiatives like bounty programs and airdrops.

From an admin’s perspective, manually posting the latest company metrics, or at best pinning posts designed to address frequently asked questions or important announcements, is time consuming. Further, it drains bandwidth that can be applied to value-add tasks. It’s equally frustrating from the follower perspective as they frequently have to scroll madly to find the specific admin post with the information they need.

Second, Telegram is prone to scams and spam. There are some specific attributes of the platform that accentuate this issue in crypto environments. First, Telegram provides an open API that malicious actors can exploit to create bots which can infiltrate and pollute the chat stream with unsolicited offers. It’s also easy for scammers to post bogus offers that include crypto addresses to where money should be sent. As a general purpose messaging platform, Telegram is unlikely to censor this type of suspicious content. The implication for community managers is that they need to spend extra cycles monitoring the chat stream and manually intervening (e.g. blocking specific followers). The net result is that the overall quality of the typical Telegram group chat is being eroded by bad actors.

The Solution

As alluded to above Telegram is first and foremost a collaborative messaging platform. There are no special facilities for the sharing of persistent, yet dynamic data which ICO investors and followers crave. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that takes the opposite approach, i.e., one that starts with data and wraps the chat experience around that? What if when your followers joined your group they first see a mobile dashboard of all the company’s key financial data and metrics and company status information with one tap access to chat? This is the approach we have taken with StatX.

Advantages of Using StatX for Managing ICO Investor Relations

The most obvious benefit of the StatX solution is that the mobile dashboard — which shows updated financial data and metrics like market cap price, token distribution, social reach, product roadmap status, airdrop program dates, etc. — answers 90% of investor and follower questions. Further, if users are not in the app, they won’t miss important updates since notifications can be set to alert users anytime a dashboard stat changes. This increases the quality of the conversation since only “value-add” questions and topics remain to be discussed in your chat room. Admins win because StatX saves a tremendous amount of time spent cutting and pasting short-shelf-life data and users are delighted with a richer and higher-value experience.

In addition, StatX supports a number of measures designed to minimize spam and scams.  Unlike Telegram, StatX does not publish an open API for followers of a group (an API is available for group admins to automatically create/update stats). It provides an “official admin badge” designation to prevent users from impersonating admins; it prevents followers from pretending to be admins and starting a private chat with other followers, and it automatically suppresses posts which include crypto addresses. This further elevates the quality of posts and the value of time spent following your online community.

All of this, combined with the productivity advantages resulting from the dashboard and our “quick reply” capability for responding to frequently asked questions means admins spend less time performing manual, low-value add tasks, and more time generating high-quality, personalized responses.

Finally, customers are telling us that another advantage of the StatX approach which we did not anticipate relates to brand management. Instead of letting your community influence company perception — with what’s on their minds as reflected by the content and mood of your chat room — StatX let’s you better control and drive brand perception. With StatX you select and get out front the dashboard metrics and information that you want to share. This drives proactively the conversation around topics that reinforce your brand and help build token demand and value.

Learn more about StatX for ICO Investor Relations here.

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