Pricing Terms

Free app and software: The StatX mobile app downloaded and installed on a user’s iOS or Android phone and installed software including AddIns to Microsoft Excel installed on a personal computer are licensed to the end user at no cost.

Freemium Service: The StatX software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides the server functionality, the push notifications, the connections to third party cloud apps, the REST API etc. and is delivered as a service through the cloud. This SaaS is charged on a recurring subscription basis when usage goes above the limits listed in the Free Tier. Admin users in StatX are responsible for payment for subscriptions for their followers and members when their usage goes above the Free Tier limits. Members and followers are not directly liable for payment.

Honor System: StatX currently does not restrict your usage levels in the app. You are expected to follow the honor system and limit your use to the Free Tier, or proactively contact us at if you use or expect to use StatX beyond the Free Tier for more than 30 days. StatX reserves the right to post-facto limit your service to the Free Tier if you are not paying for service.

Annual payment: Prices shown above apply when paid annually in advance. Prices are 50% higher for month to month.

Members: this is the total count of members in all Private groups where you are an Admin, subtracting duplicates (so if Joe is in 3 of your groups, Joe is counted as only 1 contact). One, and only one, of the Admins of a Private group has to pay for its members. Members are invited by group admins by mobile phone number, can be made admins, can update stats and send chats.

Followers: this is the total count of followers in all Public groups where you are an Admin, subtracting duplicates. (so if Mary is a follower in 2 of your Public groups, Mary is counted as only 1 follower). One, and only one, of the Admins of a Public group has to pay for its followers. Followers join Public groups by clicking on the group’s Public URL or by searching in the app. Followers cannot join Private groups. Followers can view Public group contents and send chat messages (unless they are muted).

External connections: This is the sum of a) the count of enabled connectors in the Apps tab of the StatX mobile app b) the count of Additional Authorizations in your Settings screen. Additional Authorizations are the total connections to your account from any external source other than your primary phone device. These are secondary devices like tablets or other phones, add-ins from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, direct connections to the StatX REST API, or connections via third party providers like Zapier.

Apps: You can connect to cloud apps from StatX. Premium Apps are marked as such in the StatX Apps tab. If you create a connector to a Premium app, then you and all the members of the groups that contain the stats from the Premium app are considered to be using the Premium App.

Spreadsheet Connections: You make a spreadsheet connection when you use the Excel AddIn or Google Sheets Add-on to log in to your StatX account. All the members of the groups that are fed by the spreadsheet connection are treated as using the spreadsheet connection.

API update interval: This is the minimum interval between updates for any stat via the StatX API. This includes direct calls to the API from your software or Zapier.

Terms: Service is subject to the complete Terms of Service. By using the StatX service you agree to these Terms.


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