StatX Wallet for Crypto Incentives Management

Reward bounty/airdrop programs participants instantly for taking incentivized actions by issuing any ERC20 token via the StatX wallet while automating program administration end to end.

Key Benefits


Take action. Receive tokens in StatX wallet. Get instant gratification.


Accelerate community growth and engagement and automate manual bounty program administration.

Automated Token Distribution In Action


View Token Offers



Join Group

1 tap


Join Token Offer

1 tap


Receive Tokens

0 taps

Key Features

Participant Incentivized Actions

  • Join token issuer’s public chat group/community
  • Admin awards users in-app with single tap for good contribution to the community
  • User pastes link to external content (Tweet, Blog post, Reddit, translation etc.) and upon admin review, is immediately awarded tokens

ERC20 Compatible Wallet

  • Supports in-app distribution of any ERC20 Token as incentive
  • Instantly receive tokens in the client-side wallet
  • View all awarded tokens from all bounty programs
  • Client-side wallet with full user control, no StatX server custody or access to funds
  • Transfer to any existing wallet with complete control

Crypto Company Setup

  • Ability to distribute your own ERC20 token
  • No custody provided to StatX, only authorization to distribute
  • All distribution tracked on blockchain
  • Quick easy setup of token offer campaign
  • Configurable parameters for token offer campaign (total amount limit, amount per incented action, start/end date, pause/restart etc.)

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