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US Election 2016 projections live updated on your mobile phone!

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We are delighted to be working with Dr. Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium to bring live election projections to StatX.

It is election season and we are all keenly watching the goings-on with an eye on projections for November 8. Dr. Wang has been doing sophisticated poll analysis and projections since 2004.

We are now bringing to StatX, live updating stats showing the projection for the Electoral College, the probability of a Clinton win in November, the Senate seats projection and the Meta-Margin for the Presidential race and the Senate seats. These will be updated every hour so you know you have the freshest data from PEC on your phone. You will also have a link back to the full content of the web site so you can follow all the expert commentary from Dr. Wang.

So how do you get this? Simply download the StatX app (click Download App above). After you sign up, in the “Select Your Interests” screen, choose the “Princeton Election Consortium” tile. That’s it. You will now be following a Public Group containing stats from PEC. If you are already a StatX user, you can add this group simply by going to your Groups screen and tapping +, then View Demo Groups.


Update: Check out what people are saying about StatX and Princeton Election Consortium on Twitter here and on Facebook here. Please retweet and share to spread the word.


  1. Rob Strom

    Tried on Kindle Fire. It asks for going onto Google Play. Google Play says “This app is incompatible with your device”. Don’t understand, since Kindle Fire runs Android. Are only *some* Android devices supported?

    • dipi

      Rob, the Kindle Fire runs Amazon’s proprietary modified Android called FireOS, and as shipped, it is does not support the Google Play Store and Google Play Services. Also your primary device for StatX needs to be a mobile phone. You can use an Android or iOS tablet as a secondary device.

  2. Todd Carter

    Yet I get the same message for my Nexus 7 (2013). It has the latest updates.

    • dipi

      Hi Todd, your primary device for StatX needs to be a mobile phone. You can use a tablet as a secondary device. Hope this helps!

  3. Vikash Goyal

    Hi tried signing in but never received the required code on my phone via sms need help

    • dipi

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Please email with your phone model and OS and someone from our support team will help you troubleshoot.

  4. Kathryn

    I don’t have texting capability. How can I download to my Android phone?

    • dipi

      Unfortunately we currently do not have a way to use the StatX app without verification with SMS.

  5. Rick

    I think I’ll pass on downloading an app that requires my cell phone number when signing up. Especially since there wasn’t a place on the app to read their privacy notice first before signing up. I’ve got a lot of apps, I can’t think of ANY of them that makes me give them my cell number before I can use it.

    Too bad, it sounds like it might have been useful. But no way I give my phone number to a company I never heard of.

    • dipi

      StatX uses mobile number for account authentication like many of the popular apps including WhatsApp. You can read the StatX privacy policy on our website here or by Googling “StatX Privacy”.

  6. B W

    Too bad it isn’t available for iOS (iPhone, iPod, etc.)

    • dipi

      B W:
      The app is available for iOS and Android. You can download app from your iPhone from the app store here

      Your primary device for StatX needs to be a mobile phone. You can use an Android or iOS tablet as a secondary device.

  7. B W

    Can you use an iPod Touch?

  8. Gabriele NEsta

    This won’t work on a simple iphone????

    • dipi

      StatX iPhone app works on iPhones with iOS 8.3 or later.

  9. Alice

    This works fine… except that all the links embedded in the StatX take you to 2012 and not 2016!

    • dipi

      Thank you for letting us know about the links. The main link does say 2012 but the last update is from June 2016. From the link:

      “June 2016: This explanation from 2012 captures the concept of the Bayesian predictor, but in 2016 the prior is set differently…”

  10. Mark Schrammel

    Tried to download app to iPhone 5S running iOS 9.3.4 was told the dvice was incompatable.

    • dipi

      Mark: We tested on our iPhone 5s with iOS 9.3.4 and StatX app download and install did not have any problems. We do have a known problem with iPhone 5, but not iPhone 5s, which will be fixed with the next update.

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