StatX for ICO Investor Relations

StatX is the first and only app for ICO Investor Relations. It uniquely combines chat with efficient access to time-critical and dynamic company financial and business information via the StatX “statboard”.

Why Investor Communities Powered by StatX Are More Enthusiastic and Engaged


Unique Statboard

StatX provides full-featured chat integrated with a statboard of key company financial and status information that is always one swipe away. The statboard answers the most frequently asked questions. This increases the quality of the conversation since only “value-add” questions and topics are raised and discussed in your chat room.


Minimized Spam & Scams

Unlike Telegram, StatX does not publish an open API that can be used by malicious actors to infiltrate your chat room with spam and scams. This further elevates the quality of posts and the value of time spent following your online community. This combined with the statboard that answers 90% of follower questions means Admins spend less time on manual, low-value add tasks, and more time generating high-quality, personalized responses.


Personalized Investor Relations

StatX provides a private user status page showing individual holdings, pre-sales approval status, KYC, bounty program/airdrop payouts, etc., and the ability to participate in private 1:1 chats with company authorized personnel. As a result, StatX is not just a tool for communicating with your diverse community, but a platform for building personalized relationships with your most important investors.

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