ICO Investor Relations

StatX provides the only mobile app for ICO Investor Relations. Get:

Efficient Communication

of time-critical and dynamic pre/post ICO data like key metrics, progress, and status updates

Investor Community

building via (admin-controlled
and secure ) public chat


company to investor relationship status

With a single mobile app, you can replace an uncoordinated stream of information from an array of communication tools like Telegram, email, and traditional social media channels.

Real-time Stats

Community Chat

Personal Data

Key Benefits

Real-time Metrics and Status

Users get quantitative answers to frequently asked questions about token supply, price, tranches, etc. in one place; receive automatic notifications when data changes; and can view trend lines and history.

Group Chat

Users participate in a moderated (admin-controlled and secured) chat including images, video, and live links and receive automated responses.

1:1 Investor Relations

Users have access to a private user status page showing holdings, pre-sales approval status, KYC, etc., and can participate in private 1:1 chats with company authorized personnel.

Easy Setup

Executive Teams

Start rolling out StatX to your investor community today and become an instant leader in ICO Investor Relations.


Install StatX on their mobile phones by clicking on a custom URL, and in less than 1 minute begin enjoying all of the above benefits.

Community Managers/Admins

Integrate data from the blockchain and easily add custom metrics and status manually or via automated feeds from business apps and spreadsheets using our REST API.

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