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How it Works

Using StatX with Sheets

Quick Start

Show me the quickest and easiest way to get started using StatX with Google Sheets?

You first need the Google Sheets Add-on and It’s a simple as 1-2-3 from there to create your first stat.

  1. From within any Google Sheet, on the main menu click Add-ons and then Get add-ons. Search for StatX and follow on the on-screen instructions to install StatX in Sheets and login. You will then need to follow a few more authentication and authorization instructions on your mobile phone and Sheets.
  2. Now click on “Create new group” from the StatX Add-on main menu and give it a name. On your phone you should see your new group name listed on the Groups screen. Notice how a tab is created in Sheets with the Group name and the tab has pre-created columns representing various fields of the stats. To start with there are no stats, so the rest of the rows are empty.


  1. You are now ready to create your first Stat. From the StatX Add-ons main menu, select “Create a new stat from template” and select a stat type, to start select Currency. Edit the stat title cell (A2), example “Total Funds Raised” and the value in Column C. Then send an update to StatX by first selecting the row that was just created-and then click on “Send updates to StatX” in the StatX Add-ons main menu. Check your phone to view your new stat in your new group.



What can I do with StatX on my mobile phone connected to Google Sheets?

You can create and share mobile “stats” and collections of stats (“stat boards”) linked to  your live, dynamic Google sheets data. These stats can be shared privately with a specific group of members or publicly with followers. Everyone who is a member of a “group” or follower of a public group will see live updated stats on their phone and optionally receive a push notification any time you make a change on the Google Sheet. You can create any number of private and public groups. Thus, if you have data managed in Google Sheets that is dynamic and time-sensitive that you want to share efficiently with a remote and distributed team or with the public, the Google Sheets StatX Connector provides an elegant solution.

The StatX bi-directional interface enables data to also be fetched from stats updated on your mobile phone into Google Sheets.

What are some example use cases?

Any time you have data in a spreadsheet that changes and sharing that data with users and notifications of change are important, you should be using StatX with the Google Sheets Add-on. Here are some example use cases:

  • Community managers for cryptocurrency token companies want to share company metrics data stored in Sheets (e.g. social reach) with a public group of “read only” followers and investors
  • ICO companies receiving ETH contributions and wishing to immediately communicate the Tokens that will be distributed upon ICO conclusion
  • ICO companies running bounty or airdrop campaigns wanting to convey the token amounts to be distributed while minimizing individual communication overhead
  • A fund manager wanting to deliver performance updates on portfolio performance more often than the usual delivery of full monthly reports
  • Sales teams needs to share pricing information managed centrally on a Google sheet with a prospect on the spot
  • Management wants to see a nightly roll-up of daily sales and other data inputted from a number of distributed branch locations or retail sites (e.g. restaurants)
  • Sales and/or logistics teams wants to check product availability and inventory before committing to a ship date in order to set proper expectations with customers and prospects
  • Customer service and support teams want to share up-to-date customer satisfaction metrics and metric changes with the Field organization so the wrong customers are not put forward as references and success stories
  • Marketing wants to share real-time trend information on what products and services are moving

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Installing StatX and Logging In

How do I get started connecting StatX on my mobile phone with Google Sheets?

In addition to downloading the StatX mobile app on your phone, you will need to download the Google Sheets Add-on from the Google Add-on store.

  • From within any Google Sheet, on the main menu click Add-ons and then Get Add-ons


  • Search StatX, click on “+ Free” to install
  • Choose an account as necessary and “Allow” StatX connector to access your Google account. See FAQ below on Security & Privacy.
  • Now Log In from the StatX Add-on main menu. You will be prompted to enter your mobile to authenticate yourself and a name for your Sheet to authorize your Sheet. Follow the authentication and authorization instructions on your mobile phone and Sheet.
  • Note. While the Sheets Add-on is free to install, please consult the StatX Pricing schedule to view costs associated with using the Sheets Add-on with your StatX SaaS Service.


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What browsers and operating systems does the StatX Google Sheets Connector support?

The StatX Sheets Connector works with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others) on a desktop or laptop (Windows PC, Mac or Linux). Google Sheets on mobile (Android or iOS) does not have support for Add-ons.

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Security & Privacy

Will my Google Sheets data remain secure? How will data privacy be maintained?

During installation, Google Sheets will present a permissions window where you will be prompted to allow StatX to access your Google Account.



Here are the explicit permissions you are authorizing by clicking on “Allow”:

Permission What does StatX do with this permission
View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive
  • When you create a group or fetch stats from a group from StatX, the Add-on will create a new sheet (tab) in your existing Google Sheet and populate the sheet with stat info
  • The Add-on will never directly access any data in any of your other spreadsheets
  • You may optionally, explicitly provide cell references to your data in the Add-on created sheet.
Display and run third-party content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
  • This is to allow the Add-on to launch our Help page from our web site.
  • We do not launch any third party content and do not populate any sidebars
Allow this application to run where you are not present
  • This is needed when you want the Add-on to automatically send updates to StatX when your data changes in the Add-on created sheet
  • The Add-on does not run when the Sheet is closed
Connect to an external service
  • This is needed for the Add-on to connect to the StatX REST API to send/fetch data from groups you have access to in StatX app on your phone
  • The Add-on does not connect to any other service

Please be assured that the StatX Google Sheets Connector will NOT access any spreadsheet or spreadsheet data that you are not explicitly configuring and intending for sharing on the StatX mobile app. The Connector will only interface with data in spreadsheets that have the StatX Google Sheets Add-on installed.

Further, the Connector will ONLY send data to StatX after you manually select the “Send updates to StatX” menu item or automatically via the “Auto-send updates to StatX” setting. The “Auto-send updates to StatX” can be set on a per stat basis and thus override the default behavior of automatically updating all stats. The Connector will not access any data on its own or in the background.

Also, you can only view stats associated with the Groups of which you are a member or a follower (i.e. only the stats you can access and view from your phone and nothing more). Conversely, no one can access and view any of your data in StatX in their Google Sheets, unless they are a member or follower of your group.

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What happens if I share my Google Sheet?

When you share a sheet with someone using standard Google Sheets sharing, that person will see your Sheet data, including any StatX-specific tabs and data. This is no different from any other instance where you share a Sheet. So, when you share a Sheet with StatX data/tabs, make sure you have no objection to sharing the StatX tabs and included data.

These users do not get access to your login/authentication credentials to StatX and are not able to access your StatX group. They have no ability to fetch data from any other groups or send data to StatX on your behalf.

If they do need the capability to send/receive data to/from StatX, they need to perform their own mobile download and Google Add-on installation process. Once the connector is installed, they can only authenticate to their own StatX account, they will see their own list of groups. Once again, other than the groups you have in common, they will not be able to fetch any stats from your StatX account.

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How it Works

How is data from StatX mapped to spreadsheet cells?

Each group that is connected to Google Sheets in StatX is associated with a Google Sheet tab. Each stat is mapped to data in a row or multiple rows if needed. Each column is some property of the stat such as the stat TITLE, ITEM, LABEL, COLOR, STATUS, TYPE, etc.



Keywords: Cell Mapping, Column Mapping, Sheet Mapping, Tab Mapping

What are all these columns for in the Sheet tab (group)?

As indicated above, these are the properties of each stat. All have a title and a value. In some cases, the value occupies multiple rows. Other columns are for NOTES and, where relevant, for certain stats including COLOR, LABEL, POSTFIX, MINVALUE, MAXVALUE and DUE_DATE.



The columns TYPE, LAST_UPDATED, NOTES_LAST_UPDATED and STAT_ID are informational and should not be updated. AUTO_UPDATE and HIDE_CHILDREN are settings that you can set per stat.

The setting “Hide less used columns” simplifies the tab and hides (but does not delete) the columns that are not commonly updated. This reduces clutter.

Keywords: Column Headers, Column Labels

Why do you have these two columns for VALUE?

This is to allow you to have a formula in that is a reference to another cell or any formula. The resulting value from Sheets will be sent to StatX. VALUE_FROM_STATX_DONOTEDIT will show the value from StatX, thereby not overriding your formula, and also letting you know what is currently in StatX at the time of your last fetch.



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How does the sequence of stats in Sheets correspond to the arrangement in the StatX app on the phone?

The two are independent. Stats can be rearranged in app on the phone, but this does not change the row order in an existing tab in Sheets. This is to avoid any side effects arising from formulas you may be using in Sheets.

To change the order of stats on your phone, you can perform a long tap on a stat and drag the stat to a new location or you change the locations of a stat based on a variety of sort options provided in the “Custom” menu on the top left of your stat board.



When fetching stats from a group into a newly created tab, the order of rows in Sheets will follow the default order in the group on the phone.

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How is data synchronized between Sheets and StatX?

The add-on provides bi-directional data flow between Sheets and StatX. For most use cases, data is being sent from Sheets to StatX. This is done by selecting one or more rows in the sheet (stats) and “sending an update” to StatX. This results in notifications and updates to other group members or followers just as if the update had been made on the phone.

Note: When a stat occupies many rows (checklists, steps, picklists, horizontal bars, donuts) You must include the stat parent row when sending updates to StatX.

You can also fetch data from StatX. You typically do this one time when your group in StatX already exists and you simply want to set up the tab in Sheets and subsequently send data updates from StatX. You can also fetch data repeatedly from StatX. You do this when group members are performing updates on their phones and you want to fetch this data for entry into your Sheet for further processing.

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How does StatX co-exist with my other Sheets data?

You continue to use your existing Sheets and data as you normally would. StatX only inserts one tab (Sheet) per group that you fetch into Sheets. These tabs are just like any other tabs. You can have cell references in the StatX tab that point to your data in your Sheets. This is a convenient and common way to continue to manipulate data while simply sending some of it to StatX on mobile.

Conversely, you can have your other sheets refer to data from StatX if you want to perform manipulation on data received into Sheets from StatX.

What happens if you want to populate a Sheet cell with a formula when it is already mapped to fetched data or vice versa?

If you have formulas in the StatX tab in your Sheet (e.g. stat TITLE) and you are also fetching data from StatX, then you have to decide if the formula should supersede the fetched data. To do this select “Formulas should supersede fetched data” from the StatX Add-on main menu.

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Using StatX with Sheets


To create stats from a blank slate, should I start in Sheets or in the StatX app?

You can do either, but the recommended approach depends on what you are trying to do. If you are doing this for the first time, as a best practice it is better to start with StatX since you can see the visual stat you are creating and see how it will appear on the phone to you and others.

If you are already familiar with StatX and have a lot of data you want to quickly send to StatX or have many stats you need to create, you can start from scratch with Sheets, create a fresh group and create stats in your Sheet. These will immediately appear on your phone and you will quickly get to see what it looks like.

Keywords: Create Stats

How do I create new stats from the StatX mobile app?

Starting with the StatX mobile app, tap on Groups on the bottom of your screen, then “+” and then “New Group”. You will then be prompted to give it a name. Then you will be ready to add stats by tapping on “+”. Create a few stats to get a good visual sense of how your group contents will appear.

Then go to Sheets and select “Fetch all stats in group” and select the name of the group you just created. From sheets you can fine tune the titles, hook up the values to data cells in your other sheets, and do a quick replication of an existing stat or multiple stats to fill out the stats in your group.



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How do I create new stats from within an existing StatX tab (Sheet)?

You can create a new stat in Google Sheets by creating a new row or rows depending on the stat. It is recommended that you use the Create new stat from template. If you already have an existing stat and want to replicate it many times, with small changes, you can copy and paste an existing stat, even from another group (tab). Select the row and select the menu item for “Create stat”. If you copy an existing row from another stat, make sure to clear out the STAT_ID column. Success or error messages during “Create stat” are available in the STATUS column.

How do I create a new StatX stat from a template?

  1. Click “Create new stat from template” and select the stat type you want.
  2. To understand what this looks like, open StatX on your phone, tap any group you are a member of and tap “+”, see the visuals in screen “Create stat from template”. There are 18 standard templates and 9 examples provided. Here is what the template gallery on your phone looks like:


  1. Edit the Title, Value and other columns as needed.
  2. Select the row and click “Send updates” to StatX.
  3. If your stat has multiple rows (checklist, steps, picklist, horizontal bars, donuts, etc.) you will initially see three items in the stat. If you want to add any more items, you should copy one of the item rows and paste as many extra times as needed.

  1. You should see “Success” in the status column

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How do I delete stats?

You can delete stats from Google Sheets by selecting one or more rows (depending on the stat) and selecting the menu item for “Delete stat”. When a stat has multiple rows, you may select its parent row rather than all child rows.

Keywords: Deleting Data, Delete Stats

How do I fetch data into Sheets from a Group in StatX?

The Sheets Add-on fetches the list of groups that is visible to you on your phone when you initially log in. To fetch the data for that group from your phone simply click “Fetch stats from group” from the StatX main menu Add-on.

Each group is linked to a separate tab (sheet) in Google Sheets. Fetch any time to refresh new values and new stats. You can safely delete a tab and fetch the group again. Each stat is shown as one or more rows in each tab and the fields of a stat are shown in columns. Select any rows of stats and click menu “Fetch from StatX” to update those particular stats.

If you create new groups after this, you can refresh the groups list from the menu item “StatX” -> “Fetch stats from group” -> “Refresh groups list”.

If you have more than 15 groups, click “Fetch stats from group” -> “Show next 15 groups” to get more groups to show.

Groups are listed alphabetically as a sub-menu list. If you have many groups, you can fetch the next batch. This will result in a tab created with the group name, and stats in one or more rows, and columns being the properties of the stat.

Note: Creating or managing groups and their members has to be done in the StatX mobile app, the focus of the connector is on the stat and its data.

Keywords: Fetching Data

How do I update stats?

Select a stat (each with one or more rows depending on the stat) in the sheet and select the menu item “Send stat updates” from the StatX main menu Add-on. This will send the value in the VALUE_SENDTO_STATX column to StatX as the new stat value. You can select multiple rows at a time to update.

Note: You must include the stat parent row of a stat when sending updates to StatX.

Refresh the stats in the group on your phone to check the new values. Notifications will immediately go out to all group members of the change. Note that notifications do not come to your phone since you are the sender of the changes, you have to refresh your group’s stats by dragging down to refresh or exit and re-enter the group.

Formulas are allowed in the VALUE_SENDTO_STATX field. You can type formulas that compute values from other cells anywhere else in the sheet or in other tabs using all the power of Google Sheets here. These formulas will not be modified when the stats are refreshed. The new values from the server are updated into a separate column VALUE_FROM_STATX_DONOTEDIT.

You can also change the stat title, notes, value detail fields and other available fields. Success or error messages during update are available in the STATUS column. Please follow the existing syntax for the VALUE_DETAIL column when you modify or edit.

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How do I send stat value updates to StatX?

You can manually send updates to StatX or have them sent automatically.

To do this manually, typically you update the value in the column VALUE_SENDTO_STATX. Type a value, select the row and the “Send Updates to StatX”. Do not edit the value in the column VALUE_FROM_STATX_DONOTEDIT. This shows the value currently in StatX.

To send updates automatically, select “Auto updates on for this group.” This will check every 60 seconds to see if your VALUE_SENDTO_STATX has changed and if so, will send an update to StatX. If the value is coming from a cell reference in another sheet, then any change in the other sheet will result in the value being sent to StatX automatically.

This may or may not be your desired behavior. To turn this off, select “Auto updates off for this group.” Note that the automated checking is only in the VALUE column, any other changes, like title, notes, etc., need to be explicitly sent to StatX by selecting the stat row and clicking “Send Updates to StatX”

Keywords: Sync Data, Update Data

How do I set up a stat value to be a formula and send to StatX?

In the column VALUE_SENDTO_STATX enter any Excel formula (e.g. a cell reference like =Sheet1!C4 or =sum(Sheet!A1:A5)). This is standard Sheets behavior. A value is displayed in those cells. Select the row and the “Send updates to StatX” from the StatX main menu Add-on.

Keywords: Formulas

How do I update other properties of a stat and send to StatX?

Type text into the relevant cell (TITLE, ITEM, NOTES, COLOR, LABEL, POSTFIX, MINVALUE, MAXVALUE, DUE_DATE), the select the row and the “Send updates to StatX” from the StatX main menu Add-on. There is no auto-update behavior for changes in these other properties.

Keywords: Updates, Properties

Can I have formulas for properties of a stat and send to StatX?

Yes, you can. But if you fetch from StatX these formulas will be lost since the value from StatX will occupy that cell. However, you can preserve the formulas by choosing the setting Formulas Supersede Fetched Data

Keywords: Formulas

How do I easily make a clone of an existing stat in Sheets?

Follow these steps:

  • Copy an existing row containing a stat and paste it into Sheets. Make sure it appears as a clone and has the proper column alignment.
  • Change the TITLE, VALUE and other fields for this new row.
  • Select the row and click “Create new stats.”

If the existing stat has multiple rows (checklist, steps, picklist, horizontal bars, donut etc) you should copy all the rows of the stat and paste all of the rows for the new stat. Then select the parent row (or all the rows) of the pasted rows and click “Create new stats.” You will see “Success” in the status column and also see new stat ID values for the new stats.

Keywords: Copy Stats, Clone Stats

Are all the fields associated with Stats on mobile supported by the Sheets Add-on?
No, attachments, updaters and other fields of the stat are not all available in the Add-on.


How do I create a new group from Sheets?

Tap on “Create new group” from the StatX main menu Add-on. Then give it a name and check your phone.

How do I manage members or do other admin functions in a Group?

This has to be done in StatX on your phone. There is currently no support for managing members or followers or other admin functions via Sheets.

Please send email to if you see a use case for this feature.

Keywords: Admin, Manage Users, Add Members


Do I have to preserve the Sheets tab containing a StatX group?

If a Sheets tab containing a StatX group is deleted, nothing happens to the StatX group in the app. You can always recreate the tab in Sheets by doing a new fetch of all stats in group

However, if you have created formulas or references in any of the cells in the StatX group tab in Sheets (e.g. in cells that refer to a cell from another sheet), then these formulas will be lost if you delete the tab. This is no different from standard Sheets behavior if you delete any tab. So, do not delete a StatX tab if it has formulas you want to preserve.

Can I delete/copy/rearrange columns in my StatX group tab?

No. These have specific meaning and requirements when data is sent or received from StatX.

Can I delete rows in my StatX group tab?

No. If you want to delete stats, you should do it via the menu item. This will cause the stat to be deleted on the phone and also the row to be deleted in Sheets

Can I copy/duplicate rows in my StatX group tab?

Yes, but do it carefully to maintain column alignment.

Can I just use my existing data sheets and not have a StatX tab at all and still send data from any cell to StatX?

No. StatX add-on relies on the existence of the StatX tab (per group). Your existing data can still be sent to StatX by setting up references to these cells one time and in the right locations in the StatX tab.

You can however, have your own data below the row END OF STATS IN THIS GROUP, but note that this could be overwritten if the number of stats in your group changes and new stats are fetched.

Why and how do I show or hide less used columns?

Less used columns include:

  • TYPE

Hiding these columns reduces clutter and focuses you on the columns that contains data cells most frequently used (e.g. rename stat item labels, change values). It also protects you from inadvertently making changes to data in less used columns or application-generated data stored in less used columns which is meant to be informational or necessary for the functioning of the Sheets Connector functionality,

Do not delete, rename or rearrange any of the columns that are auto-populated by the connector as this will cause errors in the Sheet Connector processing.


How do I send an automatic mobile phone alert when Sheet data changes?

There is nothing for you to do as long as members have enabled the setting to allow notifications from the StatX mobile app. StatX will send a notification every time stat data changes regardless of whether or not that change was initiated on a member phone or on the linked Sheet.

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