The Problem with Telegram for Crypto and Blockchain Community Management

Love it or hate it, Telegram is the most widely used messaging and information sharing platform for ICO/Token company communities. Having said that, most users and community admins hate it. The issue can be summarized in the refrain: Telegram has … Read More

Publishing updates to StatX using REST API

StatX is a powerful mobile app to share status updates with colleagues and friends. The App provides a rich REST API that allows developers to programmatically send push notifications to mobile devices. In this blog post I will show how … Read More

Mobile Dashboards for Small Business – Interview with Laurie McCabe of SMB Group

Laurie: Today I’m talking to Prasad Raje, president and CEO of a new company called StatX. I met Prasad this fall at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect Conference, and was intrigued with the demo I saw of the StatX solution, which provides … Read More

Princeton Election Consortium on mobile

US Election 2016 projections live updated on your mobile phone! Download App We are delighted to be working with Dr. Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium to bring live election projections to StatX. It is election season and we are all … Read More