StatX Google Sheets Connector


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The StatX Sheets Connector is available as an Add-on to Google Sheets, this works with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others) on a desktop or laptop (Windows PC, Mac or Linux). Google Sheets on mobile (Android or iOS) does not have support for Add-ons.

  1. From within any Google Sheet, click Add-ons -> Get add-ons
  2. Search StatX,click on “Free” to install<
  3. After installation, click menu Add-ons->StatX->Log In

You will need the StatX app installed on your mobile phone, click Download App above.

During installation, Google Sheets will show a permissions window. In this window there is a permission to “access your spreadsheets” – please be assured that the StatX Google Sheets Connector will NOT access any of your other spreadsheets. The Connector will only provide your own StatX data into the spreadsheet where it is installed. The Connector will ONLY send data to StatX after you specifically select the menu item. The Connector will not access any data in its own or in the background.

How to Use

The Add-on works by providing simple menu items under Add-ons->StatX Sheets Connector. Each group in your StatX account occupies a tab in your Google Sheet. Each stat in the group occupies one or more row sin that tab. You can fetch data from StatX into the Sheet and send updates to StatX from changes made in the sheet. See changes immediately by simply refreshing your phone or fetching the group in the Sheet.

Fetching stats

Fetch the stats in any groups that are visible to you on your phone by clicking Add-ons->StatX->Fetch stats from group. Each group occupies a separate tab (sheet) in Google Sheets. Fetch any time to refresh new values and new stats. You can safely delete a tab and fetch the group again. Each stat is shown as one or more rows in each tab and the fields of a stat are shown in columns.

Select any rows of stats and click menu Add-ons->StatX->Fetch from StatX to update those particular stats.

Updating stats

Select a stat (each with one or more rows depending on the stat) in the sheet and select the menu item Add-ons->StatX->Send stat updates. This will send the value in the VALUE_SENDTO_STATX column to StatX as the new stat value. You can select multiple rows at a time to update. Refresh the stats in the group on your phone to check the new values. Notifications will immediately go out to all group members of the change. Note that notifications do not come to your phone since you are the sender of the changes, you have to refresh your group’s stats by dragging down to refresh or exit and re-enter the group.

Formulas are allowed in the VALUE_SENDTO_STATX field. You can type formulas that compute values from other cells anywhere else in the sheet or in other tabs – you can use all the power of Google Sheets here. These formulas will not be modified when the stats are refreshed – the new values from the server are updated into a separate column VALUE_FROM_STATX_DONOTEDIT.

You can also change the stat title, notes, value detail fields and other available fields. Success or error messages during update are available in the STATUS column. Please follow the existing syntax for the VALUE_DETAIL column when you modify or edit.

Creating stats

You can create a new stat in Google Sheets by creating a new row or rows depending on the stat. It is recommended to copy and paste an existing stat, even from another group (tab), rather than typing it from blank. Selecting the row and select the menu item for Create stat. If you copy an existing row from another stat, make sure to clear out the STAT_ID column. Success or error messages during create are available in the STATUS column.

Deleting stats

You can delete stats from Google Sheets by selecting the row and selecting the menu item for Delete stat.

Sharing the sheet

You can share the sheet with anyone using standard Google Sheets sharing, they will not get your authentication credentials to StatX. Any tabs and data already in your spreadsheet will be visible to them – this is the standard Google Sheets behavior when you share any spreadsheet. They will not automatically get the connector installed, but can do a separate install for themselves. Once the connector is installed, they can only authenticate to their own StatX account, they will see their own list of groups. Other than the groups you have in common, they will not be able to fetch any stats from your StatX account.

Creating groups

The add-on fetches your list of groups when you log in. If you create new groups after this, you can refresh the groups list from the menu item StatX -> Fetch stats from group -> Refresh groups list

If you have more than 15 groups, click Fetch stats from group -> Show next 15 groups to get more groups to show. Groups are listed alphabetically.


Do not delete, rename or rearrange any of the columns that are auto-populated by the connector.

Note: Not currently provided

Creating or managing groups and their members has to be done in the StatX mobile app, the focus of the connector is on the stat and its data. Attachments, updaters and other fields of the stat are not all available in the Add-on.


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