Setting up your StatX Dashboards for Salesforce is as easy as 1-2-3

Instantly see your Salesforce opportunities in a visual, concise dashboard!

1. Install

Install free StatX app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Search for StatX on Apple App Store or Google Play Store OR click on store icon from your mobile.

OR enter mobile number to get easy download link sent to your mobile.

SMS / Phone Number

2. Connect

Connect to Salesforce from within StatX app.

Select Salesforce from “Apps” tab and enter your Salesforce sign-in and authorization code. Your opportunities are ready for viewing and updating.

NOTE: StatX Dashboards need API access to sync with Salesforce.

  • Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition always have API access.
  • Professional Edition may have API access (if purchased by org)

Additional information about Salesforce Editions with API Access is available on Salesforce website.


3. Configure

Add Salesforce “Opportunity Updater” connector to create your first dashboard. Select default values to view “My Opportunities”. Add more connectors and configure to view opportunities “Closing This Month” etc.

All field selections in connector map to the Salesforce Opportunity fields.

  • Opportunity View: “All Opportunities”, “My Opportunities” etc.
  • Opportunity progress field: “Stage”, “Forecast Category”
  • Amount field: “Amount”, “Expected Amount”, “Quantity”
  • Date field: “Close Date”, “Last Modified Date”, etc.
  • Probability field: Check-box to display probability

Need help with installation or configuration of your Salesforce Dashboards? Schedule a free demo and a StatX team member will help you get your Salesforce dashboards up and running.

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