Airdrop/Bounty Program Leaderboard FAQ

How do I use StatX to support my airdrops and bounty programs?

The StatX mobile app for ICO investor relations can be used to amplify and improve your airdrop or bounty campaign with a Live Airdrop Leaderboard. How do we do this?

In a nutshell, StatX gives your airdrop or bounty participants a live mobile leaderboard showing upcoming payouts on an ongoing basis. And you reduce the administration burden of responding to user questions without changing how you already manage your allocations in Google Sheets.

What does a simple StatX leaderboard look like?

Here’s what a simple leaderboard looks like:

What are the advantages to the StatX approach?

  • Airdrops are amplified because everyone gets push notifications when others get their airdrop allocations. This live leaderboard creates friendly competition to earn more more airdrop tokens.

Here’s an automatic notification that a participant sees when their balance is updated.

  • A chat interface to your airdrop mobile dashboard provides an instant community where you can post tweets, links to your blogs, etc., and facilitate participant conversation in an admin-controlled environment.

A chat window appears at the bottom of your leaderboard. Users can start chatting and return to the leaderboard data in one swipe.

  • Optional sharing of a diverse array of aggregate metrics and status information can be easily added.

The screenshot belows shows additional metrics like Airdrop Key Dates, Social Media Reach, and Total Token Supply,

  • Reduced burden on your Admins to respond to “how much am I going to get?” questions.

How does it work?

  • StatX coexists and interfaces with your existing Google Sheet of Ethereum addresses and token amounts and any changes you make are automatically delivered to the leaderboard.
  • You provide a Public URL to your Airdrop/Bounty group in StatX and users simply click on the link, install StatX,  and view the airdrop leaderboard. Users simply search with their Ethereum address to find their own amount. Anonymity is maintained.
  • Available integration to your Typeform or other signups via the StatX Zapier connector allows you to create an initial entry in the Leaderboard
  • Available connectors to the Ethereum blockchain, or other data sources so you can expand the scope of the mobile platform to manage all investor and bounty participant relations.
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